Fixing a Hernia: Your Options

If you have recently experienced a hernia, you could be looking for relief anywhere. Hernias are not a good time for anyone who has to experience them, and they rarely get better on their own terms. In some cases, they can enlarge themselves and lead to much bigger problems. If you’ve found yourself the victim of a hernia, you should try to address it as soon as possible so it doesn’t become a more serious problem.

A hernia happens when either your fatty tissue or one of your organs is able to push through weaker areas in the tissue or muscle of your body. In most cases, your doctor will probably recommend some kind of surgery to get you out of this funk.

Getting Rid of a Hernia

You will have a few options presented to you by your doctor when it comes to your options for addressing your hernia problem. Here are the two most common types of hernia surgeries you can expect to be talked through:

1. Open hernia surgeries.

This type of surgery is where the doctor will give you an anesthetic, and then open up your skin to push the hernia back into place or even to remove it completely. The doctor then closes off the weaker area of the body using stitches.

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2. Laparoscopic hernia surgeries.

This type of surgery involves the inflation of your abdomen with gas, which will allow the surgeon to get a better view of your organs. The doctor will then open up the area near your hernia slightly, and use a small camera to guide the hernia repair using mesh. You will also be able to receive an anesthetic for this type of surgery, as well.

If you think your hernia could be causing you problems, you should get it looked at right away. Get in touch with a general surgeon or laparoscopic hernia surgery mt pleasant specialist today to begin exploring your options.