Improving the Patient Experience With Technology

When you talk to any patient who has been to see a doctor in the past few months, many will have complaints about the archaic way some practices are still run.

It is amazing that in this day and age, there are still medical practices where a doctor has to ask his staff to find the physical records of a patient before the appointment can commence.

That is but one example, and it is the reason why the patient experience can only improve when all practices embrace technology.

Electronic Health Records

Most larger medical organizations require their doctors to transition to the EHR system. It is a good requirement, but it is one that smaller practices do not have to obey. A private doctor does not need to have electronic records if they can get away with using the older system they are used to having.

But it is vital to make the change, as electronic records are so much easier to update, assess and send to other providers or specialists.

Digital Appointments

provider credentialing database

In a time when people are told to stay home as often as they can, it is vital that doctors embrace digital appointments. Video visits and phone visits are so much easier now that all information can be accessed digitally.

Patients can easily check in for an appointment online and get all the help they need for most visits.

Provider Credentialing

Providers at a practice and their staff can easily access and update credentials using the provider credentialing database. It is a much simpler system that takes away a lot of the busy work that may otherwise have to get done before you can focus on tending to the needs of your patients.

These are only a few of the upgrades that your practice should make if it is serious about taking care of its patients.